Instructions to download and install the new mobile NCIC client


There are three files you will need in order to successfully install the NCIC mobile client:


Step 1. Download Microsoft .Net 4.0 to your desktop. This executable will work for windows XP, Vista, and 7.

Step 2. Download MOVESetup5555 to your desktop.

Step 3. Download the NCIC Client to your desktop.


You will need to install each of the files and install them in the order listed below.

1.      .Net 4.0  (If you are prompted to repair or remove, click cancel and move to the next step.)

2.      MOVESetup5552

3.      NCIC Client

Once you have installed each of these programs, open MOVE.


For more instructions on setting the DAC on your machine please refer to the PDF below.


DAC Settings.pdf


If the NCIC Client Displays a "Secure Channel" error, it is because your browser certificates require updating. The file below should perform this update.  Click on this file link to install: